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Hello World!

I just finished setting up my blog again after a year of hiatus. Part of it is I am on the lookout for best hosting site.

Then after studying some cloud solutions, I settled for Google Cloud Platform. I am currently running it on a free Linux Virtual Machine. It’s in f1-micro. F1-micro has around 600mb RAM and Google suggests that for this hosting, you’ll need double the memory. Since I utilize it just for blogging 600mb is okay with me.

This virtual machine also comes with 30GB SSD and a static ip. That’s a lot by the way and you are not limited to just 100, 000 files or 1, 000, 000 files. Some hosting tells you that their hosting has unlimited disk memory but they limit you with the files.

Static IP is free but starting next year there will be some changes. Let’s see next year if get billed for that.

I will post soon how I did it.

Technologies Used

The following technologies and providers I used are:

  • Godaddy – for my domain name
  • FileZilla for FTP access
  • PuTTY and PuTTY Gen – for SSH Key Generation since I am using Windows 10
  • OpenLiteSpeed – for server

Problems encountered

There are some problems I encountered such as not updated guide, too much guide, permission errors, Chrome displaying site as not secure, invalid certificate, unreachable domain, and many others. I will try to document them here but just in case you encounter some issues I’ll try my best to help. Be informed, however, that I am not expert on this matter. 🙂


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