Speech for Cooperative Anniversary

Desire for change. Eradication of Poverty. Social transformation.

Ladies and gentlemen.  Distinguished guests.  [Insert names to be greeted.] A pleasant morning to all of you.

I cannot express how honored I am to be invited in your founding anniversary.  

I cannot, even, turn down such request by the change makers of the Philippine society to be their guest speaker.  Teaching has been and always will be a profession anyone can be proud of; little things it may be but all those efforts as a teacher is something you should carry as a badge of honour.  

And of course, I cannot also be more proud to share how all of us should be thankful of your existence.  You did not only limit yourselves to help the students; you outdid yourselves by helping each and everyone around us.  This founding anniversary of your cooperative is a manifestation of that.

Growing from an underprivileged community, all of us knew the horrors of poverty and its effects.  How the instinct of survival – the primary need to eat makes people take the extremes.

These very extremes, little by little, destroys the physical and spiritual existence of an individual.  They steal.  They kill.  At young age, out of desperation and hunger, even their dignity they sell.

These very extremes, little by little, destroys the whole family.  Parents tend to exhaust all their time to work. They need to provide. All of us wants to. Until we have no more time for those we loved. With the drug menace that we have and the instant money it brings destroys all the good things in the family too. The shame; the loss of trust; the loss of innocence and of sanity; all these destroy the very basic foundation of the community.

These very extremes, little by little, in turn destroy the moral fabric of the society. A destroyed moral fibre dims the vision a society aspires – A vision of a free and a just society. A free and a just society where everyone can walk freely at night without the fear of being robbed and molested. A free and just society where everyone, rich or poor, can walk together with equal dignity.

My dear teachers. We do not want that this thing called poverty creeps us in the night and steal all the dreams we had. What we do want and what we should believe in is that poverty must serve as our tipping point for change. We cannot be always poor. We have to move upward.

My dear teachers. If we will move forward, then at least, let us move together. Let us risk together. Let us share the loss together. And when we succeed, never will it be that we will not succeed together.

In a cooperative it is not just risk sharing. In a cooperative it is also a success sharing.

My dear teachers. Having seen the horrors of what poverty can do and yet not succumbing to it, having ignited with poverty, having us together, let us be the catalyst of change everyone is looking for. 

And what a great catalyst of change you are! The establishment of your cooperative is but a solid proof of your desire to eradicate poverty. It is also a solid proof that we cannot eradicate poverty alone. We need everyone for no man is an island.

How many of us teachers fall into what they call a rat race? We loan, loan, and loan. We need to spend for our family, for our Master’s Program, for ourselves. By the payday we only receive a little because everything are deducted. So we loan, loan, and loan again. Until we are full of debt and fall to what they call a rat race.

To get out we need a full support from each other and financial learning. That’s where the cooperative comes in. Eradicating the poverty we experience by educating everyone financially and helping everyone get over. So we should not just think for ourselves alone. Let us think considering everyone in mind. That is why it is important to support the services offered by the cooperative. It is also equally important to religiously comply with your obligations. This is crucial for cooperative’s success. Let us always act for the benefit of everyone.

It is not as easy as it seems. It is so difficult to do. But the only reason it’s impossible is because we’re so pessimistic that we never even try. That’s why we need everyone.

It will be a rough road for a cooperative but we must go on.

Little by little, the seeds we planted will grow without us even noticing it.

Little by little we grow together. All those values the cooperatives instils in our mind will soon be in everyone’s minds. Those values such as thriftiness, frugality, simplicity, and health consciousness soon will also be in our children. It’s not a rocket science.

Little by little, the horrors of poverty that dimmed the vision of a free and just society will soon be eradicated. It may not be now. It may be a long way to go. We will never stop.

Little by little, the moral fibre of the society will be what it ought to be. It may not be now. It may be a long way to go. But fast-forward the society will be thankful to a cooperative like you.

The cooperative lived for another year. Together, let it live long enough so the future generations may still enjoy its fruits. Together, my dear teachers, let us be the catalyst of change everyone is looking for. Together let us fight the horrors of poverty. Together, let us transform the moral fibre of this society to what it ought to be.

Congratulations everyone. Happy anniversary and long live the cooperative spirit.


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