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SKSU Team Building

This was two (2) years ago. I was invited to be the guest speaker for the Sultan Kudarat State University – Political Science Department to be their guest speaker and at the same time conduct a team building activity. Being a Rotaractor and at the same time a Rotarian, I am inclined to share a philosophy of Servant Leadership – the natural feeling to serve first then a conscious brings one to aspire to lead. It sounds well to Rotary International’s timeless motto: Service Above Self. Reminiscing that time keeps you inspired! #teambuilding #inspiration #servantleadership #BeTheInspiration


It Will Not Sound Right To Everyone

Your decisions and point of view will not sound right to everyone – as you cannot please everyone. Whenever you feel the need to justify yourself; take a pause and remember that in the end it will always be your journey. Take what sounds right from the heart and keep an open mind. #BeBetter