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City of Koronadal Roundabout

Fidget Spinner? Spaceship? No! it’s the City of Koronadal Roundabout with its newly installed dancing fountain and lights. Kanami isn’t it? This was the Koronadal City Round Ball just before the Hinugyaw Festival 2018. What can you say. P.S. The author is co-owner of Facebook Page: Embrio Multimeda Productions


The Lost City of Biringan

    I’m sure some of you has the same problem as I am. When my mind wanders about codes something new stuffs it’s hard to shut if off. I can’t sleep. That’s why I prefer flexible times and work-at-home schedules. To stay away from logic I usually watch or read...


Accessing your free MongoDB Atlas via Studio 3T

Hi there enthusiasts. You’ve probably heard about the free offering of MongoDB atlas. They are offering free clusters hosted by Amazon Web Services. If you want one you can get it here. Now you may wan to access its database and content. I have been researching and I came across...